Mr. Anthony Arun Biswas

Mr. Anthony Arun Biswas, Chairman of the Mother Teresa International Award Committee.

This Award — Giving Ceremony had started from the year 2001 in Memory and Name of Mother Teresa.

The Committee had already presented ‘Mother Teresa International Award’ to more than 200 renowned personalities who have excelled in the fields of Education, Culture, Music, Social Work, Sports, Industries, Media, Medicine, Administrator, best N.G.O. and Best Principal, Best Youth, Best School & College and Politics during the last 18 years.

Every year the names for the International Award are announced by a 7 members committee of Intellectuals of the country.

Mother Teresa International Awards are presented to eminent Personalities/Institutions who have excelled in the fields of Education, Science, Culture, Songs, Music, Sports, Social Work, Medicine, Industrialist, Administrator, best N.G.O. and Politics etc. in the Country and abroad.

The Highest Award namely – “Mother Teresa Ratna” is presented to those who have sacrificed for the glory of their respective Nations and rendered long unending service for the mankind selflessly.

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Mother Teresa Biography

“Mother Teresa was born on August 26 in 1910 at Albania. Brother Lazar and Aga were her brother and sister. They lived in a small Serbian town. Her full name was Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. At the age of 12 she desired to become Nun. Then she chose to spend her Missionary life in Bengal. At the age of 18, she left her home and family and joined the Order of Loreto Nuns. On January 6th 1929 she landed Calcutta, the undivided Bengal. She was sent to Darjeeling to do her Nursing Training. On May 1931, she took her 1st Vows of Society and chose to be called as Teresa. She took her final Vow in May 14 1937. Then She was posted as Teacher in the Entally Convent School, Calcutta. After serving the Loreto Society for 20 years, she left the society and the Entally Convent in the year 1948. Then she took shelter at 14, Creek Lane at the residence of Mr. Michael Gomes. Then in August 1948 she started her own Religious Society as Missionaries of Charity. In 1950 on 7th October, she got decree of Recognition of her new society. Thereafter she accepted citizenship of India and thereby became as Mother Teresa.

She established her branches of Missionaries of Charity throughout India and then in abroad. At present there are about 600 branches of her Society in the world in 120 countries. She expired on 5th September, 1997 at her own official residence in Kolkata. In 2003 on 19th October Mother was beatified by His Holiness Pope John Paul II and named as BLESSED MOTHER TERESA OF KOLKATA.”


The whole intention of the Council through Mother Teresa International Award Committee is to keep Mother’s Memory alive till the world exist in a befitting manner. The Council thinks this is the best way to show our gratitude to St. Mother Teresa what she had done for mankind and sacrificed her whole life for serving the poorest of the poor.


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